Artist Statement

I use my camera to shift my perspective on life and make more of a passing moment so it resonates in a profound, metaphorical way. The resulting photograph is an evocation of a personal experience that goes beyond what I simply saw. Using long exposures, I’m interested in how our perception of a scene shifts and takes on greater emotional weight the longer the shutter is left open. A more expansive aura of awareness gets captured in the image. 
My dad took photos and as a kid, without his knowing, I’d sneak out with his old film camera and go find my own adventures. Now I work exclusively in digital but remain just as curious to discover unexpected places. But what I make of a scene is now informed by my respect for the work of David Burdeny, Michael Levin and Michael Kenna among many others. Artists that seek out the sumptuous and serene. Photography is a private journey made public and I try to go at it as open to experience as possible.